Schools & Institutions

Along with houses of worship; schools and other institutional facilities have always been at the center of America¹s communities, American family life. This is also the case with our family business. For several decades now, constructing facilities that draw people together for the purposes of education, philanthropy or recreation has been a constant for our firm. We take great pleasure in pointing back to such facilities for direction today and inspiration tomorrow for future
generations of Monahan's.

“As a state and national historic site, the Grosse Pointe War Memorial is fortunate to have The Monahan Company involved in its continuing development since the early 1960’s. The Monahan’s attention to detail, workmanship, and project management is outstanding; their caring and advice is invaluable. They have been instrumental in making the War Memorial one of the premier community centers in the country. ”
Dr. Mark Weber, President
Grosse Pointe War Memorial